Holistic Development


& Extra Curricular


Our School offers a wide range of sports activities in the curricular and co-curricular programmes. These activities run throughout the year so that the students are able to get involved and develop their skills. Students train under qualified staff and renowned coaches to achieve their highest potential. They are provided with opportunities to participate in the Inter-house and Inter-school competitions.




The student governing body SERVANNES is a student devised set up, purely voluntary and drawn from Std IX and X. Its objective “Service before Servannes’ is divided into many portfolios which will cover the curricular and extracurricular schedules. A group of students with a Leader handles one portfolio.

STUDENT COUNCIL (of current Year)

Awareness & Community Service

This project is on the school curriculum and worked at  by the students of standard 8th, 9th and 10th. Our staff members, together with guides from service centres, help our students become aware of the social ills of our time and encourage them to be of service in those areas. The students maintain journals of their work and practicals that involve work activities and field trips to various centres, carrying love and joy to people who hunger for these.

Retreats & Orientation Days

The students of standard 9th and 10th along with a few staff members, leave Mumbai for 2 days and indulge in prayer, reflection and group discussion. We believe that the growth of our students as a whole person, cannot be limited to secular knowledge but involves the spiritual fulfillment that is of central concern in our educational tradition.

In Service Training Programmes

These programmes are annually scheduled for the teachers, to ensure a renewal of motivation and enthusiasm. This helps to meet the need of a rapidly evolving and questioning  student. It helps the teacher to be aware of the deeper meaning of ‘Education’.