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St. Anne’s High School, Fort

We provide the student an opportunity to learn and to grow in a GOD centered atmosphere. We believe that each person is special and is a child of GOD. 

Everything we do here focuses on the Educational, Spiritual, Moral, Physical and Psychological development of our girls.


St. Anne’s High School, (Convent of Jesus and Mary) is a Christian Minority Institution claiming rights and privileges under Articles 29 and 30 of the Indian Constitution.


Our programme of Education places its emphasis on the education of the MIND and SPIRIT of a child, in order to enable her to live harmoniously within herself and with society, at large.


Annual Day

Diwali Celebration

Republic Day

Christmas Celebration


Focus on children’s holistic development, alongside a fine blend of academic rigour

A child-centric and secure learning environment, with a focus on student well-being

Talented and experienced educators and administrators with extraordinary commitment and loyalty

Consistent track record of outstanding academic results, sports and co-curricular achievements

Emphasis on 21st-century skills of creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration

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